Our manufacturing facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida USA. We are a U.S. Government licensed firearms manufacturer and are developing capabilities for exporting and brokering multiple defense articles for our domestic and international customers. With a focus on access to leading technology, we are keen to work closely with our target clients in developing and emerging markets to ensure that vetted military and law enforcement end users have access to robust and reliable equipment to better protect and serve their people.

Our staff is composed of dedicated professionals in every aspect of our business. Our manufacturing operation is led by a tenured program manager with expertise in precision manufacturing. In particular, he is highly experienced in the technology required for the production of reliable and durable firearms. Our executive team is led by a retired law enforcement executive and a current financial executive with experience in the firearms industry. The BNTI international sales team is composed of individuals from a respected defense contractor who focuses their efforts on developing markets.

We utilize the latest technology available in CNC (computer numeric control) manufacturing in lower and upper receivers for BNTI Arms AR-platform rifles. In fact, as a testament to our quality products, we manufacture upper and lower receivers for many other brands sold in the United States. At BNTI, we establish and hold very tight tolerances in our manufacturing process and enhance this with a comprehensive finishing operation. We also utilize high quality raw materials that are particularly suited to the harsh environments where our military, law enforcement and shooting sports customers use our products.

Precision production, prompt delivery and quality after the sale are our prime goals. We strive to produce reliable, durable and accurate firearms that meet our customers’ needs.

Precision production, prompt delivery and quality service after the sale are our prime goals.