As modern law enforcement continues to evolve. The need for enough fire power to stop criminals, along with the accuracy an officer needs to hit his target are critical. The quality of a law enforcement officers weapon can mean the difference between weather he lives to serve the public after an incident, and how safe innocent civilians will be around him should he unfortunately find himself in a shoot out.

BAs law enforcement rifle range are accurate, lightweight, easy to carry, and hard hitting. They are also based off the popular M4 platform.

Depending upon the applications sought, they can be offered in various barrel lengths, offering officers an amazing combination of distance, accuracy, stopping power, lightweight and durability.

BA LE rifles are available in multiple finishes and camo patterns.




BAs law enforcement (LE) pistols are developed, to meet an officers need for durability, accuracy and versatility.

Our simple designs mean that our pistols are easy to clean, maintain, and are designed to work in extreme temperature conditions.

We have pistols in a number of calibers (9mm & .40, etc), and magazine sizes. Weather you require a pistol for duty, off duty, or undercover work, we have a firearm that would meet and exceed your need.