• Basic marksmanship:

The proper and efficient use of a firearm lies at the foundation of military and law enforcement work. A soldier or policeman must learn, understand and apply the four key fundamentals of marksmanship which include:

  • Steady Positioning: The way he approaches the firing line, and establishes the most comfortable position to engage the weapon.
  • Aiming: The way he aligns the weapon with his target.
  • Breath Control: The way he controls his breath along the various parts of the breathing cycle.
  • Trigger Squeeze: The way he pulls the trigger, so as not to misalign the weapon from the target at the moment of firing.

With a focus on the one shot, one kill principle, this high quality course is targeted at military and law enforcement end users. It emphasizes the need for soldiers and policemen to shoot so well that their acquired skill sets, greatly reduce incidents of human rights abuse when lethal force is used around innocent civilians.


  • Long Range Precision Shooting:

This course focuses on the techniques required by a military or law enforcement shooter to accurately hit targets at a distance exceeding 800m and beyond, under many conditions, and circumstances.

This course focuses on range estimation, scope adjustment, zeroing, the principles of minute of angle (MOA), external ballistics, and weather, etc.

Course participants will learn to shoot at moving targets, shooting in low light, Mil-dot and TMR reticles, using data books, and so much more.


  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC):

Close Quarters Combat is a tactical term that describes physical confrontation between a number of combatants. In military or law enforcement scenarios, it involves operatives engaging the enemy, or offenders/criminals with hand to hand combat skills, or personal weapons (including short range weapons).

Our CQC course is tailored specifically for military and law enforcement applications.


  • Advanced Executive Protection (AEP): 

Our AEP course is developed for high risk operational executive/close protection teams operating within the military and law enforcement agencies.

Designed for work in hostile environments, this specialist course focuses on a wide range of advanced skills that include:

  • Holster Drills (Pistol & Rifles)
  • Team Walking Formations
  • Vehicle Convoy Formations
  • Threat assessment/Site Surveys
  • Advance Party Drills & Route Selection
  • Searching Techniques
  • Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Team Immediate Actions (Force on Force, & Live Fire)
  • Vehicle Convoy Immediate Actions (Force on Force, & Live Fire)
  • Team Evacuation Immediate Actions (Force on Force, & Live Fire)
  • Weapons Disarming (Pistols & Rifles)
  • Weapons Familiarization (Pistols, Carbines & Foreign Weapons)
  • Close Quarter Combat (Hostile Environments)
  • Advanced Firearms Training (Team Movement & Immediate Actions Techniques)
  • Executive Protection Driving (Multiple Vehicle Anti Ambush Techniques)
  • Executive Hostage Awareness & Rescue (Close Protection Teams)


  • Active shooter response:

An active shooter incident is one where one or multiple subjects participate in a random shooting spree, with the intention to continuously cause harm to others, including innocent civilians. A technique that has become increasingly popular amongst terrorists and criminals.

Our active shooter response course helps military and law enforcement operatives better understand this concept, with a view to learning how to respond, take charge, and deal with the situation.