We offer multiple configurations and the ever popular M4 profile in multiple calibers. Each BNTI rifle provides innovation, performance and durability with features not found in many competitor products. Whether the rifle is being used for law enforcement, military, hunting or shooting sports, the result is that BNTI products offer a superior system rifle with advanced features available right out of the box. Our products contain features that were once only found on after-market rifles. Rifles are available in multiple finishes and camo patterns.

The “Beast”

At BNTI Arms, our goal is to provide reliable, durable and accurate rifles, but with the Beast in caliber 7.62×39 we take robust durability to a new level. This is a full-featured combat-capable rifle comes standard with enhanced features including charging handle, trigger, accessory rails, etc.

Many military and law enforcement organizations in emerging markets continue to use variants of the older technology AK rifles. The newer technology AR-platform rifles like the Beast provide enhanced accuracy and capabilities that are capable with this modular platform. Based on the precision manufactured BNTI lower receiver, a large number of extremely capable variations can be assembled. Accessory rails and mounting options for optics, sighting systems, lights, illuminators, grenade launchers and other products can be easily installed or removed to create a specific, mission-related weapon for the military and law enforcement. For the hunter or shooting sports enthusiast, the Beast can be equipped, as needed, for any type of game or type of competition course.

The multi-caliber capable Beast can also be equipped in 5.56mm, .223, 300BLK and others. This modularity and multi-caliber capability make the AR-platform rifle the most versatile weapon available.


The “Battle Rifle”
The BNTI Battle Rifle in caliber .308/7.62×51 Semi-auto is built like all BNTI rifles. It’s a custom rifle built for the best reliability, durability and accuracy. BNTI rifles are all about quality parts and thoughtful extras, with both the upper and lower receiver manufactured from premium grade aluminum and completely precision machined.
Options: 20″ or 18″ Barrel
Magpul Stock

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